HERMES Arceau Cheval d’Orient

Haz 1st, 2015

Hermès have applied in miniature to a new limited edition collection of three new watches of the Arceau Cheval d’Orient name

Hermes, one of the leading  luxury watch brands and in a cavalcade of motifs inspired by one of the iconic service sets by the Maison Hermès, Arceau Cheval d’Orient highlights the art of French lacquer through threehorological compositions.

Each of these dials is then assembled in a white gold Arceau model, driven by a Manufacture Hermès H1837 calibre. To give life to these equestrian scenes from a dream-like Orient, all the patience and meticulous care of an experienced lacquer specialist are devoted to taking up the challenge of miniaturisation.

Invent iveness is al so called upon, since French lacquer craftsmanship on a metal base, instead of the traditional wood or bamboo, requires a partial revisiting of the traditional techniques. It uses the sap of the lacquer tree to create vivid and fade-resistant motifs, often on a black lacquer background. Hermes recruited lacquer artisan Nathalie Rolland-Huckel to decorate the dials of the Arceau Cheval d’Orient with horses draped in colour Persian saddle rugs.

Arceau Cheval d’Orient watches have  750 white gold case. Anti-glare sapphire crystal and are waterproof to 30  metres.


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