Manufacture Royal

Apr 8th, 2015

There is a surprise from Voltair’s manufacture in Baselworld

Bought by the Gouten family in 2013, Manufacture Royal sets a success story of manufacturing 150 watches in their first year.  Dedicated to the 245th anniversary of Voltair, they have manufactured the Flying Tourbillion in Androgyne cases.  The brand is also getting ready to introduce the second complicated mechanism in the 2015, Baselworld.

Established in 1770 by famous French Philosopher Voltiar, Manufacture Royal Brand was bought in 2013 by the GTN Luxury limited SA, which belongs to the prestigious name of the Gouten family. The manufacturer continues their success and growth story in the market with its Opera collection. Under the new management of Mr. Marc Guten, David Gouten and Alexis Gouten, Manufacture Royal brand is bound to attract notice and is preferred by horology collectors. To mark its 245th anniversary they are unveiling the Andrgyne collection which is anticipated to be broadly admired.

Since the brand presents its innovative products in Baselworld 2015, it is planning to introduce a new horology.  Mr. Alexis Gouten informed Watch World magazine about their new horology, innovations, and progress of the Manufacture Royale.

How did your life change after you got involved with Manufacture Royale?

From my point of view, it was actually a challenge. I was previously interested in business and marketing strategies. I did not only have an international business, but I’ve also participated further in manufacturing and designing stages. Now it is a great pleasure to work with my two cousins, Marc Guten and David Gouten everyday. We complement one another. We always find ways to motivate and create synergies between us.


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