Mar 14th, 2014


Braving obstacles and overcoming the impossible to attain perfection.

This philosophy motivated Quinting to create the first and only 100% transparent watch in the world. Quinting belongs to the elite of the watch-making industry, the very small circle of watch brands, which produce their own movements, therefore earning the status of watch-making manufacture.

Their movement is composed of a superposition of sapphire discs, some of which are stationary and the rest of which are mobile. The sapphire discs are metalized and given an antireflection coating. The system is very complicated and requires extreme precision. The layers need to be perfectly parallel, the distance between each sapphire measures between 0,08 to 0,1 millimeters. The perfect concentricity of the sapphires used by Quinting is crucial. Their perfection is achieved by reaching the limits of precision that today’s technology can obtain.

In order to assemble a Quinting watch, 100% accuracy is required, unlike standard movement where an accuracy of 80% is sufficient.  This exceptional technology puts Quinting watches among the most sophisticated and complicated models on the watch-making market. Quinting manufacture belongs to the very tight circle of Swiss watch manufactures that produce their own movements. Quinting possesses all the tradition of Swiss watch making as well as its future as noted by a Swiss president.  Furthermore, Quinting watches are impossible to copy because they are the only one in the world able to have developed and patented a totally revolutionary movement made up of transparent sapphires.

Made for soccer enthusiasts, this collection of 11 unique hand-decorated enamel pieces symbolizes the eleven first team players for each country selected for the next World Football Cup. Enter into the legend and be “one of the kind”,by wearing this unique watch under your national team colors. We have created this mysterious movement by Quinting in a limited edition of 11 unique pieces numbered from 1 to 11 on the player’s shirt. Three hand painted sapphires are located inside this mysterious mechanism: the flag representing the team’s country, turning on the minutes sapphire a player is waiting to goal, and the balloon which can also glow in the dark, turning at the speed of an hour.

Looking back on its history Quinting was born from an incredible challenge creating the first transparent watch in the world. This dream, which has become a reality for Quinting, has transformed into a real success story. The Swiss manufacture can retrace the key steps of the adventure of the 5 engineers who spent 7 years on research and development for the first completely transparent movement in sapphire with an investment of more than 15 million dollars.


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