Mar 15th, 2014

The Name of the infinity in Timepiece:  ROMAIN JEROME “SKYLAB”

The striking model “Grand Opus Chronograph” in the Opus series represented the magical world of mechanics held within its case

Romain Jerome is a very famous brand that illuminates contemporary history through the design of a new and aesthetically advanced timepiece, the Skylab. This was named after the very first NASA space station. Skylab is the first skeleton watch by Romain Jerome.

Swiss Watchmaker, Romain Jerome, have firmly established themselves as one of the most exciting new brands in the industry. For ten successful years they have been involved in timepiece design and manufacturing in the wonderful world of horology.

The infinity of space has fascinated mankind for centuries. When Magellan established our spherical shaped planet or when Galileo discovered Heliocentricity, the reality of space changed the vision of contemporaneous stargazers.  As a mark of respect for these discoveries, the high-end brand has created a new timepiece called “Skylab”.

Fortieth anniversary of the NASA’s first space station…

Skylab took its name from the NASA’s first space station. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of this achievement this luxurious brand has designed its Skylab featuring a skeleton structure in a 44mm box. This evokes the original space station and its innovative structure by associating finely contoured lines to a complex system of solar panels.

This fascinating, aesthetically sophisticated appearance skeleton model is composed of five layers to duplicate the geometric patterns of Shuttle’s motherboard. Although Skylab is the first fully skeletonised watch by Romain Jerome there have been prior pieces with semi-skeletonised dials imposing a view into the movement. The architecture of the skeleton shines in anthracite colour. In addition, the black PDV coated-steel merely symbolizes the infinity of space. Both innovations are completed with a hand drawn stroke.

Revising the sense of gravity with the transparent sapphire glass at the back, Skylab’s paws have been broadened to advance this new model while the lugs have been hallowed to lightened the watch and generate a distinctive crate closing system with fewer visible screws than on a regular timepiece.

The Apollo 11’s signature on the bezel!

Combining the curiosity and the imagination of Mankind, Romain Jerome created this striking model. Skylab’s transparent sapphire glass case at the back accents the single barrel at 12 o’clock while it exposes the balance wheel at 6 o’clock. The monogram of RJ-Romain Jerome appears at 3 o’clock on the lower level.

Devoted to the DNA of the brand, materials from Apollo 11 mission are used on the each watch’s bezel. Skylab also has 5N Rose gold model and 21 jewels in the manual wound caliber. Skylab is available in three limited edition references, each having 99 pieces. Alongside this consists a black leather calfskin strap with and black-coated PDV steel buckle to round out the look. This unique model offers 48-hours of precise movement and 30m water resistance.



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