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Jun 9th, 2016

The new GRANDE PRIVATE MUSEUM unveiled last march at Baselworld is a feat of German engineering capable of displaying and safekeeping a collection in a unique and remarkable way.

There is an essential quality one can find among most serious collectors. A better part of the pleasure of assembling a collection of rare and precious items lies in being able to share it with others. Be it friends, family or like minded collectors who enjoy coming together to appreciate and discuss the items that are the object of their passion, it is those moments that make it all worthwhile.

But to really enjoy these pleasurable occasions, the items, sometimes collected over a lifetime and even generations, cannot be hidden in a cold, dark bank vault where access is always strongly regulated. The desire of many collectors and friends of BUBEN&ZORWEG towards a solution that would allow them to safely and permanently exhibit their collection at home, led to the creation of the PRIVATE MUSEUM, the first of its kind in the world.

Whether a single Old Masters painting or a lovingly curated collection of watches, family heirloom jewels, historic cameras, fine art photography or objets d’art, the PRIVATE MUSEUM is a Masterpiece capable of displaying precious objects in an environment that discreetly, yet effectively, emphasises the beauty of any collection.

All with the security technology that measures up to the methods employed by the great museums of this world and that includes optional mirrored spy-glass that becomes transparent at the touch of a button, biometric fingerprint identification of the high-tech locking system, LED technology that shows off the objects at their best or an integrated alarm system that can be connected to the one already existing in the building.

The new GRANDE PRIVATE MUSEUM presented this year at Baselworld can rightfully be considered a feat of German engineering having required over 2000 hours of research and development. The sheer complexity of planning and technology in visible in every detail, like the quiet motors that vertically move the 22 mm thick, 100 kg heavy bullet-proof glass in a steady soft motion in oder to reveal the precious treasures inside. But even then, access is regulated by an invisible laser grid that guarantees there is no unauthorised access.

The lower part of the new Masterpiece can now be used for storage, presentation, installing an SI-80 safe or even a humidifying system. And as most things in life, individuality plays a big role in the PRIVATE MUSEUM concept and is the reason why all its aspects can be adapted to reflect personal preferences. Secure and with aesthetic appeal, the PRIVATE MUSEUM by BUBEN&ZORWEG is a Masterpiece of German engineering, creative design and innovative technology.

“For some collectors, a treasure is more about personal memories and sentimental rather than financial value. What we know for certain is that anything our clients exhibit in a BUBEN&ZORWEG Private Museum is an expression of what they are truly passionate about,” says Christian Zörweg.

The BUBEN&ZORWEG PRIVATE MUSEUM is now available in three different versions: PRIVATE MUSEUM Inbuilt, GRANDE PRIVATE MUSEUM and GRANDE PRIVATE MUSEUM Inbuilt.



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