May 28th, 2015

In honor of the 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Evliya Çelebi (1611-1685), Pirlanta designed a special pen collection for his memory, called Evliya Celebi 400th year Limited Collection. Pirlanta worked with Marlen to design this limited collection. Marlen launched some special collections about the memory of Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian noble priced novelist Dario Fo, Napoli Drama Festival and EU parliament. Now Evliya Celebi has taken his special place in these collections.

Celebi traveled far and wide for over 40 years on horseback and witnessed many important events in history. Evliya Celebi wrote “Seyahatname” which is called the “Book of Travels” from his own experiences. Even today he is remembered as a genius.  Pirlanta, a well-known Turkish watch company and retail chain, is inspired by Evliya Celebi. Therefore, they worked with Marlen who is the Italian mastermind designer of this special pen.  This partnership resulted in the creation of the Special Edition 400th Anniversary of the Evliya Celebi Collection.

“What we see now is nothing compared to what we will see in the future.  When we follow the mysterious footprints of the universe we learn its magical language and write these findings to the world from our pen.” Over the period of his life the initial travel began with this saying “Travel, O messenger of God.” He traveled extensively through Albania to Azerbaijan and Selaniku to Damascus for forty years. Evliya Celebi left behind an outstanding book which is an excellent contribution to the world’s cultural heritage. In 2011, Evliya was paid homage as UNESCO’s man of the year.

Partnering with the Best

Accepted as beyond time, the Book of Travels has intrigued Pirlanta to create a very special collection to honor  Evliya Celebi’s 400th anniversary.  Pirlanta partnered with Marlen, one of the leading masters of pen manufacturing in modern times, to create the most dazzling pen for the name Evliya Celebi. Marlen uses visual artistry as the main element in the brand’s collection. Within this collection are well-known names in history such as Leonardo da Vinci, Naples Drama Festival, EU parliament, and Italian Nobel prized writer Dario Fo. This was the one of the main reasons Pirlanta partnered with Marlen, to create the best pen in memory of Evliya Celebi.

More than a Pen

Symbolizing Evliya Celebi’s travels, he is illustrated on horseback at the front of the pen and Piri Reis’ map illustration was used on the reverse side. This limited edition pen brings ancient history’s reflection to the present day with a harmonizing red-coloured turban and feather reed miniature on the top of the pen. This exceptional limited edition pen is manufactured as rollers and pens and limited to only 400 pieces. It is accompanied with a wooden presentation box, which is made from oak and a book called “Tracing Evliya Celebi.” This unique collection is waiting for its prospective owners.


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